Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast with Tim Feldmann

Podcast Episode 25: Tim Feldmann Returns!

As much as I hate to admit it, pain has a lot to teach us. Maybe that’s why my next guest, Tim Feldmann, is such a great teacher – because he’s certainly had his fair share to deal with.

You see, Tim began practicing yoga after a terrible accident many years ago, left him nearly unable to walk again. Injuries sustained such as those may heal, but they don’t always go away and instead, tend to reappear in various forms and struggles. These days, Tim is dealing with his wrist and at the time we talked, was still forced to wear the soft cast he’d been wearing even since the last time I’d seen him, many months before.

In any case, Tim will tell you, pain is inevitable. For all of us.

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This episode of the Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast was edited and produced by Chris Lucas and hosted by me, Peg Mulqueen.

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