For The (Wannabe) Everyday Ayurveda Cook


Last night, I did NOT want to make dinner.

I’d felt the best I’d ever felt in Mysore – and I knew it was more than just the yoga. It was the food.

The Ayurvedic principle of eating digestible foods in a calm environment remains, for me, the key to staying healthy and vibrant.  (Kate O’Donnell)

So I’d made myself this promise when I returned from India that I would be better. I’d plan ahead and shop in advance. And so far, I had done pretty well … until last night.

It was cold and flurrying with snow. All I wanted to do last night was order pizza. Luckily, there is no pizza delivery where we live. (Actually, there is no food deliver, period.)

And that’s when I remembered Kate O’Donnell’s, The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook.

I’d met Kate’s partner, Rich, in Mysore, on the steps of the Shala one morning as we both waited for our time to be called. He mentioned he had Kate’s new book and I mentioned how much I needed Kate’s new book … and the next morning, I had my very own, hand delivered.  I carried the cookbook with me through the rest of my travels and realized last night, it was still sitting on my kitchen counter, yet to be put away.

And last night, Kate’s book totally saved my ass. 

Now, I’ll be honest. I was still debating getting in the car and driving to town to pick up dinner. But I opened up the cookbook, paged through a few recipes and immediately came to the Simple Black Bean Soup.

From The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook by Kate O'Donnell - image by Cara Brostrom

Image by Cara Brostrom

SIMPLE was what I needed, too. It had 4 main ingredients (yup, have them all), 4 spices (got ’em), and out of the 4 optional garnishes, I had three. The whole meal took me a total of 30 minutes.

I’m telling you, it was almost too good to be true. Even my husband commented on how much he loved it. HA! (And for anyone reading who actually KNOWS my husband, I’ll assume you just fell out of your chair.)

So here it is. The best review I can offer:

The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook offers seasonal recipes that are deliberately made easy, so even I can make them – and amazingly good that my husband and son will never even know they are eating healthy!


And there really is so much more to this cookbook than simple, but tasty, recipes. Kate includes seasonal food guides, shopping lists, and best of all: guidelines and very practical tips to help you start practicing Ayurvedic cooking and lifestyle routines right now – instead of waiting till you get to India.

As Kate reminds us in her book,

“Ayurvedic cookery is more than just what you whip up in the kitchen – it’s a whole way of life.”

Next up on our recipes to try: these Spring Tacos.

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