Podcast Episode 8: David Keil

If you’re only familiar with David Keil through his Yoga Anatomy website … or through his Anatomy workshops and DVDs …  or even his recently released book, Functional Anatomy of Yoga … then I’d say, you have only even barely scratched the surface.

For example, did you know it was David who first lured me into a daily Mysore practice — or tricked me, depending on whose telling the story? It was also David who got me through intermediate series with my sanity still intact. (Though this also is debatable, depending on the story-teller!)

How about this? David Keil was also the one who convinced me to begin a seated meditation practice and even introducing me to his meditation teacher, the same one I now call mine.

David Keil, Meghan Powell Photography

In fact, it’s probably David you can thank (or not) that I am even teaching today.

So trust me – if you’ve only gotten to know David as the totally chill and logical/practical anatomy teacher he is famous for – you might just miss what I love even more: his wicked sense of humor and emblazoned  passion when it comes to the yoga … the REAL yoga. 

Until now, I hope.

Meet David Keil, the YOGA teacher I call both my mentor and my friend:

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Today’s episode was sponsored by Still Point Yoga London who has supported David Keil’s work and hosted his London/UK workshops since 2008. They are a growing central London ashtanga yoga community who have been sharing their love and passion for the practice 6 days a week since 2009, connecting students with the most inspiring and relevant yoga teachers out there.

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