The December Dispatch

A Special Holiday Note & Gift


I began this year in India with some romanticized idea of starting over. With bold enthusiasm, I told the universe: Let’s do this!

Well, the universe took me at my word, immediately stripping me naked, stealing my oars, and freeing me into a vast, unknown ocean – alone. In one fell swoop, I lost my teacher, my community, and all confidence. This was not the hopeful new beginning I had in mind.

With tears of reluctance, I cried, “I’m not ready, Please! I want to go back!” But it was too late. Some things can’t be undone.

And if 2016 has taught us anything, it’s for sure taught us this, bringing with it the kind of change none of us ever imagined.

Though isn’t that just how change works? It doesn’t wait for us to feel ready before thrusting itself upon us in whatever form it takes. Nope. Change comes, whether we’re ready or not … and in ways we often never see coming. But there IS a different form of change that is completely up to us – it’s a transformation that happens on the inside.

Transformation comes from the radical realization of who we are – and our willingness to step forward in this truth.

It doesn’t come through complacency, comfort, or even courage. In fact, it is in desperation, in hope’s dying light, most revolutions begin. So maybe the world must truly go dark for us to look for the unseen and finally trust the invisible whisper, our own guide of intuition, there to light the way.

But make no mistake, you have to decide to want this and be willing to do whatever it takes in the name of discovery. Authentic transformation is something we must fiercely chase, wrangle, and even stumble through with a fiery and unshakable resolve. Seeking truth, not approval with a willingness to be wrong in our efforts to find what is right.

Peg Mulqueen

Because this is more than just your voyage or mine – it’s our duty. Trust the water to hold you and let the tide be your guide. Keep a courageous faith, knowing everything you need is already inside you. And you don’t even have to start over, you only need to start.

You see, this is no time to timidly watch change happen from the shore. Because it will happen, change always does. So the question really becomes, will we?

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a thoroughly transformative new year. I will begin mine again in India. Only this time, I think I’ll spare myself any haughty proclamations and let fate organize things, as it always seems to anyway. 😉

xo – peg



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A Metta Meditation

from Harmony Lichty Slater

Start your new year with this metta, loving-kindness meditation from Harmony Lichty Slater – and may we all enter the new year directing goodness and well-wishes towards others.


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