Awakening the Shakti Within – A 5-day Ashtanga Immersion with Harmony Slater

Join Harmony Slater and Peg Mulqueen for a special five-day Ashtanga yoga immersion in Bozeman, Montana. Enjoy five mornings of mysore practice with afternoon sessions focusing not only on the physical practice, but also the psychological and spiritual aspects as well. Come to connect in nature and explore more fully the philosophy and energetics of the Ashtanga yoga practice.

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The Myth of Back Bending: Fundamentals for a Pain-Free Backbend

Ashtanga’s primary and secondary series, Yoga Chikitsa & Nadi Shodana, both purify our energy channels. To prepare for the progression, students will learn what physical & psychological preparations are necessary. In addition, students will explore back-bending principles to cultivate both opening and strength.

Cultivating a spiritual practice in the Modern World

In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali gives us three essential components to Sadhana that address issues arising in the body, mind and spirit. Using the Sutras as a guide, learn how these ancient techniques are related to current practices of yoga.

Kaivalya – the Goal of Yoga with Metta Meditation

Kaivalya is the ultimate goal of our yoga practice. Patanjali talks about several ways to cultivate more clarity and concentration in the Yoga Sutras. Various methods of mindfulness and which includes a form of Metta Meditation will be offered to help increase our overall sense of well-being, and loving-kindness.

Tuition before September 1: $650 || Tuition after September 1: $700

Students are encouraged to extend their stay in Montana, and explore the rugged beauty that surrounds Bozeman including Yellowstone National Park. After you register, you will receive a welcome email complete with recommendations regarding travel, accommodations, and a guide to help you make the most of your time here.


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Dates: September 27, 2017 – October 1, 2017


Location: The Dance Center
The Emerson Cultural Center 111 S. Grand Ave. Suite 210A Bozeman, Montana
Phone: | Website