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Ashtanga Yoga Dispatch Podcast Ep 10: Greg Nardi


Get ready because this is our longest Ashtanga Yoga Dispatch podcast yet … because Greg Nardi is one of the easiest and most comfortable people to be around. The last time Greg and I were together was January of 2012 when I took a philosophy workshop with Greg in Philly and I still have the notes I took – pages and pages of notes. On one of those pages, I wrote this:

“Good yogis question themselves … The obstacle is where the yoga is at.”

I remember being struck then as I was again during this podcast by how sincere and humble a teacher, Greg is. And why so many students find it so easy and enjoyable to connect with him as a teacher. Unfortunately, just after that workshop, Greg and his husband, Juan Carlos, were forced to leave this country because of discrimination.

Once again, during our podcast, I found myself wanting to take notes. And one of those notes is on a sticky, posted on my computer. It says:

Am I thriving?

It’s a question Greg asks himself to check in with himself and others. Are you thriving?

Greg IS thriving these days. On June 26th of this year, the Supreme Court cleared the way for same sex marriage to be legal and recognized in every U.S. state. Which also cleared the way for Greg and Juan Carlos to come home. And they are right now, in the process of moving from Canada and back to south Florida, where they met.

I urge you visit his website and find a way to study with Greg. Just take my advice and bring a thick notebook and plenty of pens!

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