Podcast Ep 11: John Scott

Would you believe John Scott’s was the first book on yoga I ever bought, well over a decade ago? I didn’t even know what Ashtanga was … I certainly didn’t know who John Scott was … and I probably didn’t even know what yoga was. (Oh heck, most likely, still don’t!)

But I followed John’s book, page by page, pose by pose – as he led me further and further down this rabbit hole. Very much like he did again, in this most recent Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast. In fact, John generously spent over 90 minutes, chatting with me … teaching me, not even knowing what a podcast was. He thought he would simply take the time to share with me his passion for the practice, explaining it in a way that was almost poetic.

I hung on every word — and you will too. Which is why we decided not to shorten it at all, but to split this podcast into two parts. Part 2 will be out next week on iTunes so make sure you’re subscribed.

Here’s just a snippet to get you started ….

Part One with John Scott: All is God

“One of Guruji’s main points was that all, ALL is God.

You are God. I am God. Everybody is God. And that’s what Guruji meant by pratyahara – that we have to transcend our ordinariness.

Now what our ordinariness is – is selfishness. When we are selfishly an individual. We individuate from the whole. We separated ourselves from the whole. That happened around 18 months or 2 years of age. The baby individuates from mother. An interesting thing, when the baby is starting to name and form things, give names to things, the first name is dad’s name – dada before mama. And some mums get upset that dada comes out before mama. But what they don’t realize is that the baby doesn’t see itself as separate to mum.

And what’s really interesting is the last name and form the baby gets is its own name. Once it understands it is separate, it’s then, “My. Mine. I want. Now.” And that’s when the difficulties all started to happen. Prior to that, we were in our senses. We were in a sensual experience. Post to, we are in the storing of samskaras or past samskaras are playing out which means it’s all recorded in the ordinary thinking mind.

… So we could say, yoga is about unlearning.”

You can find John’s teaching schedule on his Facebook page.

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Podcast Episode 21: John Scott