Ashtanga Dispatch Yoga Podcast with John Scott

Podcast Episode 21: John Scott

John Scott talkes about Guruji and the four codes of relationship he learned from his teacher.


It’s not luck that puts us in a place and with people we need … at just the right time. No, there was nothing random finding myself spending really needed time with Certified teacher, John Scott last month at the EcoYoga Centre in Scotland. And in the aftermath of an incredibly divisive presidential election here in the states, this time with John and others would give me hope.

For months thereafter, I found myself turning to this discussion again and again for both comfort and guidance. Because in this podcast, John shares the four codes of relationship he learned from Guruji, keys in building meaningful connections in the yoga room – but also in our families, in our neighborhoods, and, yes – right here in our country.

Scott Johnson, of Stillpoint Yoga, joins us halfway in, sharing a story of great loss his community suffered, and how John stepped in to model for Scott and his students, the way to move on using this very method of practice we’ve been handed down. Just as Guruji modeled in the days following 9/11.

John Scott, practice

John Scott, photographed by Meghan Powell at the EcoYoga Centre

Though here’s the truth: John Scott may have blown my mind in the first podcast, but in this one, he steals my heart. And in this week, his words have offered me great peace – something we could all use right now.

And that’s why we decided to bring you this special episode early.

A tremendous thank you to the EcoYoga Centre in Scotland for making this podcast possible. The EcoYoga Centre is one of the most enchanted places here on earth. Please check them out at Thank you also to Julia Pogrebińska for providing us a stirring version of our final chant.

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This episode of the Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast was edited and produced by Chris Lucas and hosted by me, Peg Mulqueen.

Thank you for listening and perhaps more importantly, sharing this message of loving kindness with the world.

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