The Perfect Yogi

I don’t have to think.  I’m a Catholic.

The Perfect Family, stars Kathleen Turner as a woman who has just been nominated for Catholic Woman of the Year.  To win, she must prove how devout she is by choosing between supporting her daughter’s gay marriage or the church’s stance against.  Her daughter asks what SHE thinks is right and Kathleen’s character says she doesn’t because she’s a Catholic.

I guess my mom would never have been nominated for such an award – because unlike Kathleen Turner’s character, my mom is ALWAYS thinking.  No one will ever accuse her of blind obedience.   And by example, my mom taught me to do the same.  To decide for myself, right from wrong.

She had a saying that religion was just a vehicle people used to get to God.  Nothing more, nothing less. Our car was Catholic, but she said there were other cars that ran just as good, all trying to get to the same place.  She never let me believe mine was better than anyone else’s.

“Don’t confuse the church for God, the two are not the same.  God is who you follow – and God alone.”

Above all, she felt compassion was more important that being righteous. Consequently, my mom has always been kinder than she is Catholic.

In the end, the Catholic car wasn’t for me.  So I grew up and traded in 7 sacraments for 7 series – with Mysore as the new Rome.

Turns out, however –  blind obedience isn’t one of my stronger skill sets either.

That’s why it’s my mom, who never taught me a backbend or an inversion or knows a single sutra, who remains my inspiration and the greatest teacher I’ve ever had.  

Thanks to her, I will never fool myself into believing Ashtanga is the one true way.  I will choose compassion over being right.  And kindness will always be my practice of choice.

My mom still calls herself Catholic but I know the truth.

My mom has been a TRUE yogi all along.