Podcast Episode 14: Peg Mulqueen

Yep. The tables are turned and now, thanks to Emma Hudelson –  I am the one answering the questions! And I’ll admit right up front, there were topics I didn’t want Emma to ask about – but she did. Of course she did. She’s a great interviewer and I probably knew she would all along (which is why I was so nervous!)

In fact, if you missed her interview with Kino last month, you can read it here.

But she wasn’t alone in this conspiracy … there was also Dave Sims of CITYOGA in Indianapolis who set it all up and his incredibly talented son, Bryan Sims who both video and audio recorded this episode. Really though, I want to thank all three.

Visit CITYOGA’s website at www.cityoga.biz

And please check Bryan out at http://www.bryanthesims.com

Ok. Here it goes. Unscripted and unedited – me. On the other side of the table.

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Special thanks for this episode and all episodes goes to my producer and editor, Chris Lucas of cwlucas.com as well as Emma Hudelson from the Buddhi Blog for switching places with me on this one – and of course, Bryan Sims who video and audio recorded.

Again, you can check out more of Bryan’s work here.

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peg mulqueen