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Podcast Episode 26: Laruga Glaser

It’s hot as hell standing outside that afternoon. We’re in Mysore, India and waiting to be ushered into the shala for chanting class. That’s when I first see her – Laruga Glaser. I’m a hot, sweaty mess – while she’s as stunning as every Instagram post I’ve seen of hers. And I’m in awe.

Of course, not just she glows in a different way than I am at that moment … but also because it’s odd to see a teacher of her notoriety at chanting class. First of all, they are held in the heat of the afternoon but also, they’ve been there and done that a hundred times over. But there’s Laurga, waiting in blazing hot sun for the door to open and class to start – just like all the rest of us.

I watch a woman work up her nerve and walk over to her to introducer herself. I listen as she tells Laruga how she follows her Instagram and videos. And although she’s never had the chance to learn from her in person, that she is inspired by her.

Laruga is both sweet and sincere and says, thank you. And then the conversation switches to toe rings and vitamins – totally unrelated and not in that order. But it’s when I realize that Laruga is not like her pictures at all. She’s real. She’s a real person. Genuine and completely down-to-earth.

Laruga Glaser and David Fredrickson

One thing I love about Laruga is how she is less interested in fluff and would rather cut right to what’s Truth. So starting the interview by asking her what storybook character she would be was probably NOT the ideal question. Still, I learned a lot. And I think you will too.


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This episode of the Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast was edited and produced by Chris Lucas and hosted by me, Peg Mulqueen.


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