The Ashtanga Dispatch Podcasts contain personal and lively conversations with Ashtanga yoga’s most respected teachers and students as you get to know both them and the Ashtanga yoga practice in new and unexpected ways. Whether you are new to the practice or an old-timer who’s been practicing by years, you’ll enjoy these thoughtful and often impassioned dialogues around topics that include the teacher/student relationship, juggling practice and family life, injury and pain, aging, and lots more with me, Peg Mulqueen, as your host and Chris Lucas, as editor and producer.

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Episode 1: David Garrigues
Episode 2: John Churchill
Episode 3: Taylor Hunt
Episode 4: David Robson and Stan Byrne
Episode 5: Aliya Weise
Episode 6: Tim Feldmann and Kino MacGregor
Episode 7: Christine Hoar
Episode 8: David Keil
Episode 9: David Garrigues returns!
Episode 10: Greg Nardi
Episode 11: John Scott, part one