Time to Rewild

May marks a turning point.

With its nourishing wet rains and warm, sun-filled days, comes also the promise of rebirth. Even here in Montana, the signs cannot hide beneath the snow. From the call of the bluebirds to the green spreading through our fields, no doubt about it – spring is here.

Or coming, at least!

And it’s definitely a change worth noting and celebrating! In parts of Ireland, there will be Festivals of Fire – while in D.C., tens of thousands just marched on Nature’s behalf. Still in other areas of the world, dancing and the pounding heartbeats of drums will rejoice the new life to come.

No doubt about it, this is the perfect time for all of us to rewild, reconnect with our own inner fire and give birth to our passion.

Though here’s the truth: too many of us won’t even notice. You see, we’ve effectively built a world of barriers, all but separating us from the natural world. We have brightly lit screens that come between faces and cities of concrete where trees once lived.

We distance ourselves as much as we box ourselves in. And so seasons of change pass us by and we miss these golden opportunities to celebrate the beauty and dance in the fire of a life, fully realized.

But make no mistake, we are the ones who sabotage our own hope for something better, as these barriers are ones we build by design. There’s nothing as much in our own way as we are. Fortunately, we also know the way back to what’s real – by following the map of our practice.

Nurture the Natural

In the middle of my living room and dining room hangs a large glass fixture that lights up, and is meant to feature a special collection of sorts … only I don’t really have any trinkets worth showcasing.

Thus, this cabinet that’s built right into the house and I can’t even remove, has remained strikingly empty since I moved here.

But over the past few years and through some particularly long and cold winters, I could feel missing that sense of life and vibrancy that comes sooner and stays longer in warmer places. And I knew I needed more hopeful reminders that winter isn’t forever.

Still, at first it wasn’t intentional. A few colorful rocks from our river or seashells I’ve collected through the years made their way on display. But then I became more deliberate, even bringing in branches from fallen trees and growing my collection of plants and herbs. And before I knew it, that glass cabinet that once hung so stark? Now is full of life – my life!

You see, you can’t buy what’s missing from your life any more than someone else can give it the meaning you rightfully crave. These are all treasures you must unearth yourself.

The yoga tells us to look inside, to keep digging beyond the outer layers, until one day we can revel in the discovery of our true and natural Self. The irony is – the outside and the inside? It’s all the same. The only separation that ever existed was just in our mind.

⇒ Here’s a spring exercise for you: Create a space in your home with treasures that represent you – symbols of what you stand for and value, but also what you desire. Put on display these artifacts of you and your life that deserve to be seen and nurtured, and let them serve as reminders of who you are beneath all those fears and barriers of illusion.

((Feel free to share your discoveries with me – I’d love to hear from you!))

Because now is the time – so go ahead … Dance naked to the wild beat of your soul in a celebration of your own rebirth. And as the song goes, May your skies be bright and your heart be light, in this merry, merry month of May.


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