Straight vs. Squiggly – Which One are You?

In this world, we have straight lines and we have squiggles.

The straight lines are direct and efficient. They prefer symmetry, precision, and a clear understanding of the rules. Straight lines are great for keeping order and getting things accomplished – when they’re not being rigid and judgmental, that is.

And then there’s the wiggly bunch called the squiggles. Freedom, creativity, and individual expression are what they crave. Squiggly people love to explore, ask questions, and push the boundaries. They keep life interesting – but squiggles could also drive you insane with their flakiness.

The squiggles will tolerate a straight line, but only to a point – just as the straight lines only entertain a squiggly they think they can straighten out.

Now, just for fun, this morning I put an image of two different people doing the same yoga posture and asked this:

Which one is correct?
There is only one answer.

Over 30 friends chimed in on FB and about the same in IG.

A TRUE squiggle would refuse to answer the question simply because I used the word, correct. Besides, it’s all about expression and individuality but if you made them pick between the two, a bold squiggle would choose the curvy line simply because it wasn’t straight whereas a squiggle trying to fit in would say the curvier one was a work in progress.

The DEFINITE straight line immediately points to what they believe the safest call. It’s a clean decision and one they can stand by. But a straight line may also try and soften its edge and show more flexibility by classifying the postures into categories as a way to make both correct and still keeping it clean.

Trouble is, I lied.

The truth is I have no idea what correct even means nor do I believe there is EVER any one answer.

All I know is there needs to be a little straight and curviness in us all. It’s good to be aware of our natural inclination – if only to keep our lines from either becoming too rigid or our curves from getting out of control.

Of course, this is all from a squiggle. So consider the source. 😉