Listening to the Universe

Watching for Signs

How to Listen When the Universe is Speaking

Do you ever find yourself feeling lost, begging for the universe to send you a message and show you the way? Or questioning and doubting, wishing for a sign to let you know, you’re on the right path?

Yeah. Me too.

Yet the universe actually speaks to us all the time, offering us the very messages and signs we beg and pray for. It’s just hard to always recognize its voice or understand the language. Like decoding dreams, we get overwhelmed, distracted by details and miss the bigger meaning. And sometimes, we simply don’t listen.

There are ways we can learn to hear those messages the universe sends. Here are five tips to help you better listen and recognize the signs as they happen.

Remain Open

My husband texted me while I was in Montreal – he couldn’t find our dog’s collar ANYWHERE! I texted back to look in the pantry to which he quickly responded:

“Already looked. Not there.”

Are you sure? I asked. I could swear I put it there before I left, but I could be wrong.

He was sure. So sure, he sent me a picture of the place in the pantry I told him to look. Of course, I could see the collar in the picture he sent. It was right there. In plain view. I circled it in red and sent the picture back to him. And I’m not making this up when I tell you – he STILL insisted the collar was not there (never bothering to look at the picture I sent back).

Until finally, the text came: Oh yeah. Found it.

He was asking me to show him something he was already sure didn’t exist. His mind was made up. He knew. And once we know anything, we close ourselves off to everything else. So can you keep asking questions without actually settling on answers? We remain open by loving question more than answers thus always continuing to look.

Pay Full Attention

Most of us filter the information that comes in, selectively categorizing without even being aware we are doing so. As we gain experience, we make connections and from those connections, we also form beliefs. These beliefs are what become our filter and help us file information away.

Connections are necessary for learning while beliefs will actually distract and divert our attention – paying mind to only what reinforces what we already believe and filtering out what contradicts. Kind of like the way cable programs disseminate news.

Being present means letting go of our filters. To pay full attention means we must resist  our need to validate and reinforce beliefs we already hold true – attending only to what is, as it is.

Look for Signs Both Repetitive and Random

Good news! If at first you don’t recognize a sign, it will likely be given again. And again. And again. The universe can be amazingly (and annoyingly) persistent. Luckily events that reoccur and experiences that happen over and over again lack the universe’s usual subtlety. So they are like flashing signs, brightly lit. Read them or risk being beat over the head with them instead.

Likewise, there is no such thing as coincidence. The person who walks into your life at just the right time … the article you read, as if written just for you … the job offer that comes in just as you were ready to give up. We are left speechless and blown away. And as much as we try to find a reasonable explanation, there isn’t one.

Except there is. It’s called the universe. Thus if you think the message is for you, it probably is. Don’t make it any more complicated than this. And say, thank you.

Be Receptive

If you travel deep inside the space of your lower belly – you’ll find the place all life begins. Here lives your center of energy, the sacred place of creation, your bandhas. Also housed here is where digestion occurs. And another reason why it is considered vital to our physical health that this space remain relaxed and accessible.

Oh, and there is something just as critical housed within this area – our intuition. When we feel something deep in our gut, it is quite visceral and incredibly meaningful. Sadly, many of us have built armor around this place in our belly, tightly contracted and restricted – keeping us locked out of the very place the universe speaks the clearest.

Being receptive means we stay soft. Receptivity requires the ease of fertile ground. Like seeds being sown in the earth’s softer soil, this is how all fruit is grown.

Trust the Messenger

As you remain open, present, aware, and receptive – there is only one thing left for you to do and that’s trust. Trust YOU. You see, the universe and you are not really separate. You do not exist in isolation. The universe speaks through you and you, through the universe. Synchronicity is the coming together of an inner and outer world, where one mirrors the other. And when the two are in sync, this is a flow worth trusting and surrendering to. So go with it.

(Mark) Darby puts it best in episode 27 of the Ashtanga Dispatch podcast. He made this process all sound so simple. He told me:

You follow your heart and follow what the universe is saying. You just listen … put what you want in your consciousness, and if you’re ready for it, what you’re ready for will come.


Listen to the entire interview with Darby here!


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