Ashtanga Dispatch
The Ashtanga Yoga Dispatch

Ashtanga Dispatch is a global and inclusive community, bringing together teachers and students devoted to the eight-limbed practice of yoga.

We believe Ashtanga yoga is for every body and everyone is welcome.

The Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast

The Ashtanga Yoga Dispatch Podcast brings you personal and lively conversations with Ashtanga yoga’s most respected teachers and students, as you get to know both them and the Ashtanga yoga practice in new and unexpected ways. Whether you are a beginner to the practice, or an old-timer who’s been practicing for years, you’ll enjoy these thoughtful and often impassioned dialogues with Peg Mulqueen as your host, and Chris Lucas, editor and producer.

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The Ashtanga Dispatch Magazines

A mother/daughter publication, the Ashtanga Dispatch Magazine is here to support all students in their yoga practice, though especially as a way to help home practitioners feel more connected and less alone. Peg Mulqueen serves as both editor and publisher, and her daughter, Meghan Powell, is the creative force, designer, and photographer behind each Ashtanga Dispatch magazine.

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