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With a master’s degree in psychology, I was a counselor for many years before yoga ruined that career. (Really, I just traded in a couch for a mat). Based out of  Bozeman, MT – I’ve been leading classes and workshops now for over a decade.

In other words – I’m old!

Sure, I’ve practiced various styles of yoga, but it’s within the traditional method of Ashtanga where I’ve finally made my home. I guess that makes me a bit of a latecomer to the world of Ashtanga – but thanks to the guiding influence of a caring network of supportive teachers (many of whom you will hear from on the Ashtanga Yoga Podcast), I’m certainly making up for lost time!

Besides being an Ashtanga yoga enthusiast – I’m a loving, yet overbearing mom and a wife, who still can’t make a pot of coffee to her husband’s liking. I also work as a copywriter for various national non-profits and have been featured in online and print publications such as Yoga JournalElephant Journal and Love Yoga Anatomy.

And of course, the publisher and editor of the Asthanga Dispatch magazine as well as the host for the Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast.

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