The Ashtanga Dispatch Podcasts contain personal and lively conversations with Ashtanga yoga’s most respected teachers and students as you get to know both them and the Ashtanga yoga practice in new and unexpected ways.

Whether you are new to the practice or an old-timer who’s been practicing by years, you’ll enjoy these thoughtful and often impassioned dialogues around topics that include the teacher/student relationship, juggling practice and family life, injury and pain, aging, and lots more.

Each episode is hosted by me, Peg Mulqueen, with Chris Lucas, as editor and producer.

David Garrigues

EP 1: David Garrigues

In this first episode of the podcast, David Garrigues talks with me about his family, his experience as a student of Guruji, and exciting upcoming projects that he’s working on, revealed here first!


John ChurchillEP 2: John Churchill

Peg sits down for a one-on-one with her meditation teacher John Churchill, a widely known teacher and psychologist. This episode is a recording of their session together.


EP 3: Taylor Hunt
Taylor Hunt was physically, spiritually and financially bankrupt –  until Ashtanga yoga. Today’s episode is one of the first times Taylor would tell his story of addiction and recovery and later become the subject of his book.


EP 4: David Robson and Stan Byrne

Peg talks to David Robson and Stay Byrne right after their second child was born and during a very trying time in both of their lives.

Aliya WeiseEP 5: Aliya Weise

Aliya speaks from the heart – straight to the heart. Hear his ardent stand for any/every student’s ability to be a practitioner of Ashtanga yoga.


EP 6: Tim Feldmann and Kino MacGregor

As Ashtanga’s most familiar and easily recognizable couples, Tim Feldmann and Kino MacGregor couldn’t be any more different. Find out why Kino says Tim is like the mayor of Mysore and while she prefers her online presence.


EP 7: Christine Hoar

If you’re a woman in Ashtanga yoga, this podcast featuring Christine Hoar is part of a conversation we all need to be having. We just happened to meet on a beach in Costa Rica – or perhaps, destined. For just when I needed her, she showed up and we end up talking about everything from menstruation to menopause.

David Keil, Yoga AnatomyEP 8: David Keil

If you only know David Keil as the super chill and practical anatomy teacher, get ready to know him for the qualities I love even more: his wicked sense of humor and emblazoned  passion when it comes to the yoga … the REAL yoga.


EP 9: David Garrigues Returns!

This quickly became less the interview I had planned with David Garrigues and more a lesson  he had planned for me. The result is probably one of the liveliest, informative, impassioned (and slightly heated at times) conversations we’ve had to date.


EP 10: Greg Nardi

In this episode of the Ashtanga Yoga Dispatch Podcast, listen to a very personal chat with Greg Nardi on marriage, teaching, and everyone’s favorite: pain!


EP 11: John Scott, Part 1

In this Part 1, John Scott explains Guruji’s main points, that we are all God. And it’s up to us to transcend our own ordinariness to realize this.

EP 12: John Scott, Part 2

In Part 2, John Scott shares how this counted method really IS meditation … Ekam, Dve, Tri is Guruji’s Yoga Mala, with every bead counted and meditated on.

EP 13: Jessica Walden

A few years ago while practicing, Jessica Walden dropped to her knees in pain with a spinal injury that could’ve crippled her for life. It didn’t. This is her story.


profile picEP 14: Peg Mulqueen

The tables are turned and now, thanks to Emma Hudelson –  I am the one answering the questions! And I admit, her questions were hard and a few, I wasn’t ready to actually answer … but I did anyway.


EP 15: Jeff Lichty and Harmony Slater

Listen to the following conversation with Jeff Lichty and Harmnoy Slater, and you’ll understand why Ashtanga’s seventh series really is the very best one.

EP 16: Zoë Ward

Ashtanga yoga Authorization. A controversial topic I’d avoided – until now. Meet Authorized teacher, Zoë Ward and listen to our rather spirited discussion.

EP 17: Saraswathi Interview + The Art of Passion

Here is a woman who began practicing yoga at age 10 under her father and guru, blessed to teach by Krishnamacharya, and then started a yoga revolution in India by becoming the first woman to teach men and women together, and even Westerners. And in this video interview, you’ll see the fortitude, strength, and an intense devotion from Saraswathi Jois.

EP 18: Olivia Hsu

Up until I met Olivia, I would’ve believed yoga and rock climbing did NOT go together. As you’ll hear Olivia explain: that would all depends on how you measure practice and what you value in life.


EP 19: Taylor and Jessica Hunt

In this episode,Taylor and Jessica Hunt talk about their experience with addiction and how they are now working to bring hope to others still struggling through the Trini Foundation, a non-profit the two of them started to make yoga a part of recovery.


EP 20: David Keil Returns!

For the next hour, be a fly on the wall as David and I cover the gamut of topics including how we both have changed in the ways we practice and how we look at practice. David calls himself lazy and me, hippy-dippy. But his laziness is actually efficiency and my more laid back approach these days is simply inviting more ease.


EP 21: John Scott from Scotland

John Scott talkes about Guruji and the four codes of relationship he learned from his teacher in a very special episode recorded in Scotland’s Eco Yoga Centre. Scott Johnson, of Stillpoint Yoga, also makes a special appearance.


EP 22: Cathy Louise Broda

Listen in as Cathy Louise Broda and I discuss menstruation, childbirth, and menopause – all cycles only experienced by a woman. And why we need to make time for rest, room for recovery, and space for these meaningful transitions.

EP 23: Carol Horton

Do politics and yoga go together? I sit down to discuss with Carol Horton during one of the most divisive elections in our lifetimes.

EP 24: R. Sharath Jois

And about as generous, wise, devoted, and kind as ever a teacher should be. Or rather, a Guru. Because Sharath Jois is much, much more than just a teacher. He’s truly a living example of what this yoga means. Listen to our conversation from Mysore, India where Sharath says, “Yoga is the superstar, not me.”

EP 25: Tim Feldmann Returns!

As much as I hate to admit it, pain has a lot to teach us. Maybe that’s why my next guest, Tim Feldmann, is such a great teacher – because he’s certainly had his fair share to deal with.

EP 26: Laruga Glaser

Laruga Glaser is not like her pictures at all. She’s real. She’s a real person. Genuine and completely down-to-earth. In fact, she is less interested in fluff and would rather cut right to what’s Truth. So starting the interview by asking her what storybook character she would be was probably NOT the ideal question. Still, I learned a lot. And I think you will too.

EP 27: Mark Darby

Darby was first introduced to Ashtanga yoga with Pattabhi Jois – Guruji – in Mysore in 1979. You do the math – but lets just say Darby has been practicing and teaching for a very, very long time. Lucky for us, I got the chance to catch up with Darby for practice and this interview his very last week teaching morning Mysore in Montreal.

EP 28: Kino Returns

Kino MacGregor is one of the most celebrated Ashtanga yoga teachers in the world with over a million followers now on Instagram. And though it would be easy to chalk up her fame to a winning mixture of beauty, charm, and physical skill – you’d then be missing the REAL reason Kino is who she is and where she is. This episode may be one of our most candid conversations yet.

EP 29: Philippa Asher

Coming soon! In this episode, meet certified Ashtanga yoga teacher, Philippa Asher. It’s rare to meet anyone for the first time and get on so well be so open, but that’s just what happened. Philippa and I talk about her reckless youth, injuries she incurred on the mat, wisdom as she’s gotten older, and how times have changed for students and teachers. It’s a fascinating and quite animated conversation – one I’m quite sure you’ll adore!


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